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So, storm Dennis threatened to keep people away but the people of Mapperley, Nottingham are made of hardy stuff we should know, Jimi grew up there!

Despite the wind and rain, we played to a packed house last night at The Plainsman and we all had a great time.

It could be said that it's a "small thing" but we really do appreciate it when you guys turn out to see us!

We just want to say to everyone who braved the horrendous weather, a massive THANK YOU for turning out and joining in - we always have a great time but it's always 100% more fun when we all get involved!

We're next in Nottingham at The Gedling Inn on Saturday 29th February (yep it's a leap year). Be great to see you there... whatever the weather!!

Thanks to the best Head Door Woman in Notts, Lisa Morningstar, for sending the video!

Big love

Jimi & Paul


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So, about 11pm Friday night Paul sends Jimi a WhatsApp, "You doing anything tomorrow?" We end up here....

Sleeping Through the Day (plus Lisa) at the top of Stanage Edge. Why do Vocalists always have to show off at any opportunity???

Stanage Edge near Hathersage is one of the most stunning places in Britain, voted #35 in Britains "Top 100 Walks" - and it's right on our doorstep - 1 hour from Jimi in North Notts and 1 hour from Paul in Leeds!

We did a five mile round trip ending up at the pub (of course - we earned it). The first mile is on a country lane, nice and easy. Then... bloody hell it gets steeper and steeper... Up a footpath, through some woods, stop for a No.1, through some heather and bracken, up through & over the rocks.... until we eventually reach the top where we had a flask of tea (essential for walking) and had some "snap" (that's Nottingham for lunch). After that it was about a mile along the edge - where massive boulders line the cliff - then down down down and back into Hathersage, the pub, a pint... Mint!

Oscar thought it was a Grand Day Out, and so did we....

Hathersage is "rate" near Sheffield and easy from Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield all the way up to Leeds.

Download the OS Maps App (it's free to download) and find the route "Hathersage 2" and away you go - wear proper boots and sh*t though, don't be a nobhead out there in your best trainers! :)

#peakdistrict #StanageEdge #Hathersage #Top100Walks #SleepingThroughTheDay

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Thought it'd be great to share this video taken by Martin Brelsford during our gig at The Station Hotel in Hucknall on Friday 20th December 2019.

Everybody Jump at 54 seconds!

This was a brilliant gig! Everybody seemed to be in the party mood and the place was packed. During the video, Martin asked if he could join us on stage and video the beautiful people enjoying themselves.

This spirit of the evening is summed up on this video when, at 54 seconds in, the whole crowd jumps in perfect time!

Thanks for the video Martin!

If anyone has other videos of us playing, send them to our Facebook page or email us

We'll post the best videos here....

Rock on people :)